About Tuesday Houston

“The trouble with artists is that they paint what they see, and not what’s actually there”

Inspector Morse

Tuesday Houston is a mixed-media artist living in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tuesday has always been a talented creative, with an interest in a large variety of mediums.  As a teen she learned to cut, weld and braze non-ferrous metals in the production of jewellery and accessories.  After leaving school she studied Fashion Design at a well-known college in Johannesburg. This led to her creating a range of children’s clothing.

With a thirst for new knowledge and experience, Tuesday has always enjoyed working with and learning from established craftsmen.  Wanting to merge beauty with practicality, she brought out a range of “functional art”, which channeled her technical skills as well as artistic talent with the production of unique kiln-formed glass platters.

Octopodean work

Recent Octopodean Work

In recent years, Tuesday’s artful evolution has drawn her to a new love, painting and illustration. Her work is appreciated by an international audience. Her paintings have crossed oceans to grace walls as far afield as North America, Europe and Australia.  Her love of painting is equaled only by her love of octopuses, which feature in her latest range of quirky, fun ink-on-paper works.